In pursuant to S.R.O. No. 470(I)/2016 dated 31st May 2016 and in continuation of S.R.O.787(I)/2016 dated 8th September 2014 , members are requested to communicate their need of hard copies of the annual audited accounts instead of sending the same through CD/DVD/USB to their registered addresses at the following postal and e-mail address of the Company Secretary / Share Registrar:

Mr. Muhammad Ismail Malik, Company Secretary         Mr. Mustasim Nawaz, Sr. Manager Shares
M/s Allawasaya Textile and Finishing Mills Limited      M/s Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited,
Allawasaya Square, Mumtazabad Industrial Area           H.M. House, 7- Bank Square, Lahore, Pakistan.
Vehari Road, Multan, Pakistan.

Phone Nos. 0092614233624-26 (3 Lines)                      Phone Nos. 00924237235081-82
Fax No. 0092616525202                                                Fax No. 00924237358817
E-mail:                                E-Mail:

Standard Request Form

I /We, of being a member of M/s Allawasaya Textile and Finishing Mills Limited, Multan, holder of Ordinary Share(s) as per Register Folio No./CDC-Account No. hereby opt to receive hard copy of Annual Audited Accounts instead of transmitting the said accounts through CD/DVD/USB to his/ her/ their/ its registered addresses.
Email : .
CNIC/Passport No.