Quality Assurance

Allawasaya Textile & Finishing Mills Limited produces good quality “Gumbad” Brand (Yarn 10 Count to 40 Count) which conforms to the high standards and quality. Our product is backed up with more than fifty four years of yarn manufacturing experience and continuous process of BMR.

Quality and Enviornmental Policy

Our aim is to achieve the leadership of Textile and Spinning Industry through quality products according to the customer satisfaction.We thrive to achieve the above through the following measures:

  • Acquisition of Quality Raw Material.
  • Manufacturing of High Quality Yarn as per Customer Satisfaction.
  • Continuous Training and Guidance to Employees regarding Quality and Enviornment.
  • Continuous Improvement, Close Watch and Control in Production Process and Environment.
  • Follow up of the system, regarding International Quality and Enviornmental Laws.
  • Control of Pollution Discharge from Industrial Process.