Associated Companies

  • Allawasaya Spinning Mills (Pvt.) Limited
  • Maqbool Textile Mills Limited            
  • Mehmooda Maqbool Mills Limited
  • Shah Shamas Cotton Industries (Pvt.) Limited
  • Maqbool Tanvir (Pvt.) Limited
  • Hilal Fabrics (Pvt.) Limited
  • Halil Fashion Garments (Pvt.) Limited
  • Sarfraz Gardens (Pvt.) Limited
  • Craft International (Pvt.) Limited

Free Float of Shares

The Shareholders of the Company can download recently sent detail of free float of shares as per Listing Regulation No. 21(3) and Regulation No. 5.7.2(c)(i) of PSX Rule Book of the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited.

Shareholding Pattern

The Shareholders of the Company can download  Pattren of Shareholding, Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited  Pattern of Shareholding and Additional Information about Pattren of Shareholding as on June 30, 2019 from the following links.